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The Center of the Universe in Cochiguaz?

The new Millenium has arrived finally, marking the change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. These "Ages" last two thousand years, the last of which began with the birth of the son of a carpenter.

On the surface of our planet are many features and structures located at the thirtieth parallel (30° Latitude) north. The Egyptian pyramids, Jerusalem, Tibet in the Himalayan Mountains are all situated on this line. During the Age of Pisces, the geomagnetic center was located in Tibet, concentrating spiritual energy there. Under the Aquarian influence, the center has shifted to the antipode, the other side of the planet. That place is the Elqui Valley in Chile.

Founder of the Great
Universal Fraternity, Dr Serge Raynaud de la FerriereMystical brotherhoods related to Astrology, Yoga and Meditation have come to the new magnetic center, installing communities dedicated to these themes.

The Great Universal Fraternity was the first group to settle in this Valley, following prophesies and beliefs of its founder Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere. Master la Ferriere received mystical knowledge accummulated during thousands of years through the efforts of the chinese monk Sun Wu Kung, who perceived the beginning of Aquarius Era, March 21st 1948.

It is said that he came to the western world arriving first in Europe and transmitted his knowledge to Master La Ferriere. This monk told him that the spiritual beginning of the Aquarius Era civilization will be in South America, and of the 7 mystical magnetic points. Nowadays, many scientists recognise that the Earth is active and alive, similar to the human body. Oriental tradition maintains that the human body has energy points called CHAKRAS. Likewise the Earth has chakras, which are splendid places to tank up on cosmic energy. Mountains are like antennae for our planet: they are connections between the High and the Deep of the Universe. The Planetary Chakras are located along the Andes, the backbone of our planet.

Location of Chakra

Yogic Name


LA SERENA, CHILE (Elqui Valley) SVADHISTHANA The Sexual Center
CUZCO, PERU (Sacred Valley) MANIPURA The Power Center
QUITO, ECUADOR (Cerro El Corazón) ANAHATA The Heart


Spiritual seekers began to arrive in the Elqui Valley in the sixties guided by a prophecy that said that this geographic point would be like a magnetic center, that it would be a natural sanctuary where the new spiritual civilization of Aquarius would develop in The Magnetic Valley. The Great Universal Brotherhood was the first to recognize the Elqui Valley as the most important magnetic center. Leader of the Brotherhood Dr. Raynaud de la Ferriere pointed to the thirtieth parallel south latitude as the specific place. According to the traditions of initiates of the Aquarius Era, there is a reference to the aqueous man, who would be a part of a new civilization from which would flow new and renewed water. The union of two sacred rivers, Rio Turbio (Turbulent River, Ying) and Rio Claro (Clear River, Yang) in the town of Rivadavia, was selected as the place for their community,an Ashram, or magnetic sanctuary. Afterwards, hindu Master Vasant Paranipe arrived with an old map searching for a place called San Andrés (Saint Andrew) where the new geomagnetic point should be, where the Agni Hotra (fire ritual) was practiced thousands of years ago. He found old documents and discovered that the Colorado place (Cochiguaz) was the same San Andrés.

Keeping in tune with the Aquarian Age, Cochiguaz means water house in Quechua, an ancient Indian language. Cochiguaz is the location of the headwaters of the mystical river, Rio Claro. Of interest as well is the name Coquimbo, which means "place of quiet waters" in Quechua. The city of Coquimbo lies some 8 kilometers south of the mouth of the Elqui River. Indeed, before the Military Government changed the names of the Regions to Numbers, ie, La Cuarta Región, the province was called Coquimbo.

Friend Carole absorbs cosmic energy in CochiguazIn the Cochiguaz Valley there is an Old Mystical stone called Guanaco, which bears some petroglyphs and pictographics from 700 b.c. Guanaco is a type of llama, a south american camel. Cochiguaz is also a ritual place of the indigenous Molle Culture, confirming the spiritual and mystical richness of the valley.

One can easily associate the element of Water, the SVADHISTHANA Chakra, with this valley.

In the midst of this bucolic setting, tinged with a certain esoteric air fostered by those who insist that the valley is a cosmic energy center on the Earth. The valley has several esoteric communities that practice the spiritual development and meditation in order to get peace, harmony and inner tranquility.

In 1967 Gemini mission astronauts detected bright points over the Andes. The brightest of these was in the Elqui Valley. Mystics said, "the spiritual light has moved to this region in South America." This has been confirmed by a story about the Lamas, the monks of Tibet, which says that the monks settled in the Andes in this region, they built a sacred Temple protected by a magnetic barrier making it inaccessible for others.

In 1982, the magnetic force in the Earth was measured by means of satellites by first time. The Magsat map showed a great positive energetic point between at 27° and 33° south latitude. The Elqui Valley is just in the middle of it.

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