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Violeta Parra arrives along with BAFONA to Easter Island

The National Folkloric Ballet, BAFONA, returns after 26 years to Easter Island to present on Monday the fifth of December its show "Canto para una semilla" ("Song for a Seed"), which is part of the commemorative activities carried out by the National Council on Culture and the Arts for the celebration of 100 years of Violeta Parra.

The National Folkloric Ballet returns after 26 years to Rapa Nui ("Easter Island" in the native tongue) to present its show "Canto para un semilla" on Monday, December 5th. The group will also join the Teletón campaign on the Island. The director of the Culture Council of the Region of Valparaíso, Nelida Pozo, stressed that this piece reaches one of the most remote places in the country: "As a Council of Culture we are making a great effort to bring this work with Violeta Parra to Easter Island, because we believe that, like Violeta, culture must travel all over the territory. We also hope that this visit is very special, because in Rapa Nui there is a great tradition of exponents of music and dance, so it also becomes an instance of meeting between artists from the continent and the island.

In this visit there will be meetings between members of BAFONA and island artists, where mediation around the Rapa Nui culture will be generated, addressing body painting, polynesian instruments and traditional clothing. In addition, the group will be presented at the show scheduled for this Saturday in Isla de Pascua in support of the Teletón, which will be attended by other artists such as Joe Vasconcellos.

The show to be held on Monday, December 5, at 8:30 p.m. (island time), in the sector of Hanga Vare Vare (with free admission), also includes the mise-en-scene of "Chiloé", "Huasos" and "Female Duet", in what will be an highly anticipated return of the national ballet company to the island, after traveling with President Patricio Aylwin 26 years ago.

With "Canto para una semilla" BAFONA has resumed the premieres after five years and corresponds to a cantata composed by Luis Advis in 1971, from the décimas of Violeta Parra, to be interpreted by Isabel Parra, Inti Illimani and narrated by Carmen Bunster. In this opportunity the piece incorporates dance as part of the piece.

"Our cast has tried to assemble this piece for over three decades, but for one reason or another it just could not come together. Fortunately, now that 100 years of Violeta's birth will be celebrated, the necessary elements have been fulfilled and we have been able to take her on stage, "says Jaime Hernández, BAFONA's subdirector.

The work, in addition to the musicalization of the prose texts of Violeta Parra, describes the life and work of the chilean poet, from her childhood to her last days.

The visit to Easter Island is part of a national itinerary that BAFONA has been performing with "Canto para una semilla" and has already toured Coyhaique, Araucanía and Biobío, after its premiere in Santiago.

The year of Violeta Parra

This initiative is part of the more than 300 activities coordinated by the National Council of Culture and the Arts (CNCA) in conjunction with the Violeta Parra Foundation and her family to commemorate the artist's 100th anniversary. This program, which runs from October 4 until October 4, 2017, seeks to disseminate the figure, work and legacy of Violeta Parra to the public in general, especially among the newest generations. The development of this proposal has involved a committee of experts in its development, as well as the following government portfolios: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Ministry of Public Works and Ministry of Women and Gender Equity.