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Watercolor Master Horacio Hevia exhibits for the first time in Viña del Mar

A total of 56 water colors are part of the exhibition "The color of water" that the outstanding Chilean artist Horacio Hevia presents for the first time in the Vestibule and Salon Viña del Mar until December 21, at Avenue Arlegui 683.

Over 40 years of artistic creation has this master of the watercolor, who presents his recent compositions that give account of the national landscape in various scenes with a remarkable craft of fluid brushstroke and variety of colors.

Riveras, reservoirs, estuaries and houses of central Chile with its varied vegetation come alive in magnificent waterfalls that capture the atmosphere of the places traveled to with the passion that leads you to always find a new point of view to portray.

"I am very happy about the quality of the room, the perspective it has and the distance that allows you to see the watercolor from afar, so the room lends itself to an exhibit like mine. Also, I was very eager to exhibit here because it is important for the career of any artist, "says Hevia.

Regarding the topics that interest him, he adds that "it is the countryside, rain, puddles and water in all its expression, because it is shocking that while it is transparent it appropriates all the colors around it, Then it duplicates the landscape, it's a mirror and a lens and that's what I'm trying to capture in the scenes around Santo Domingo, Pirque, and the mouth of the Maipo River. "

With more than 25 exhibitions in Chile and abroad, Hevia confesses, "I like watercolor because it is very dynamic, it allows for immediacy and one gets the euphoria and the desire to paint in a short time, but it is difficult because it does not allow corrections, either you frame it or it gets thrown away".

On the other hand, the manager of the Cultural Corporation of Viña del Mar, Jorge Salomó emphasizes that "the work of Horacio Hevia is of a tremendous level and that in the watercolor shows, any of the works has a great composition, a great handling of color and mastery of drawing, then the elements that form the basis for a good watercolorist he has very well achieved and that is reflected in this showing.

In addition, Salomó says that "with this brilliant exhibition we closed a very positive year for the Cultural Corporation of Viña del Mar, because it adds to the wonderful version of the XLIII International Music Performance Contest Dr. Luis Sigall, to the next closing Of the XII Family Culture Season and the XXIV Official Season of the Municipal Theater of Viña del Mar, which had a large audience ".

The exhibition is free entry and will remain open to the public until December 21, from Monday to Saturday between 10 and 20 hours, in the Vestibule and Salon Viña del Mar, located at Arlegui 683.