Chilquinta: A Great Place to Work!

In the last measurement of Great Place to Work, the Chilquinta Group of Companies was recognized as one of the 10 best companies to work in Chile, an achievement that highlights the respect and satisfaction of its employees working in the Company.

This year, the electrical company climbed ten places in the Great Place to Work (GPTW) Ranking, being in the Top Ten in companies in general and first in the service category. In addition, for the sixth consecutive year, it is the best company in Quality of Service, in the segment with more than 120 thousand customers.To this award, which Chilquinta Energía won for the sixth consecutive year, the distinction to the best company in Quality of Service, in the ranking developed by the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels, with more than 120 thousand customers, that year to year measures distributors in 3 variables: continuity indexes, user survey and claims.

These awards are undoubtedly due to the effort and commitment of its collaborators, which allows them to carry out a professional and quality work, which motivates the professionals and technicians working in Chilquinta and also satisfied customers, for the good service we give every day.

These excellent news, which place the Company in a leading position in the country's electricity industry and first among regional service companies, come to reaffirm all the work done in team, with managers and collaborators committed to achieve high-value differentiating results, achieve standards of excellence in productivity, organizational happiness and, therefore, build a sustainable institution.

"In the Chilquinta Group of Companies, we are characterized by involvment with work and commitment to the important service we deliver, especially in periods of operational contingency where responding and replenishing the service in a limited time frame becomes fundamental. These recognitions give account of our strategic pillars that on the one hand are the service and in turn, the people "said Francisco Mualim, General Manager of Chilquinta Energy.

Regarding the SEC Ranking, we can indicate that since 2011, Chilquinta Energy is in the first place, when compared to companies with more than 120 thousand customers, with a rating of 8.72. In turn, the subsidiaries have maintained their good historical performance, which ratifies the successful management carried out years ago in the Group of Companies, obtaining excellent results that guarantee their own customers. We highlight Companñia Eléctrica del Litoral with a rating of 8.95; Energy Casablanca with 8.93; Luzparral with 8.26 and Luzlinares with 7.86. In this regard, Marcelo Luengo, Deputy General Manager of Chilquinta, evaluates these results as the consolidation of the excellent management carried out by the Company: "These achievements confirm that we are setting a trend in the electric industry, leading the indicators, which demonstrate the Vision that our clients have about the service we provide, both in commercial attention and in the electric service, "said the executive.

In this way, by way of positive indicators and an auspicious work climate, Chilquinta ensures that this success story is written in compliance with its slogan of being connected to the lives of its customers.

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