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MINVU hands over title deeds to families in Villa Alemana who become new homeowners

In 2015 families of the Los Olivos group of Villa Alemana received keys to their new homes, a historic milestone in their lives. And a year after that emotional episode, now they have more to celebrate: the delivery of the document that accredits them as owners of their properties. In total, 50 families were given the title deed to their apartments, so closing finally a process in the history of this housing complex.

Owners received their new homes last year. Alejandra Morales, a neighbor of the group Los Olivos, said she now has "the security and peace of mind of having her own home and not thinking that they can take away our apartment."

"It's exciting because at last we can say that it is our home that for so long that we have struggled. I have two children ... it is something that will remain for their future, a place where they can live and grow, " said Claribel Pinochet, who also lives in this condominium.

The homes are 57 square meters in size, with three bedrooms, kitchen, living-dining room, loggia, bathroom and balcony. This, accompanied by common area equipment with a masonry social headquarters of 70 m2.

In this regard, the Director of Housing and Urbanization, Carlos Contador, explained that "we in the region have been significantly reducing the housing deficit. And the most important thing is that the focus of the Government, and the mandate of President Michelle Bachelet, is that our subsidies are reaching the families that most need it."

"I think the most important moment is legally when each of these 50 families receive that document. That writing gives them the ease of mind of being the owner of their property. No more paying rent, no more living in relatives' house," said the mayor of Villa Alemana, José Sabat.

It should be noted that the apartments were completed and delivered in 2015, financed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, costing up to $1,880 million (pesos).