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Find out what type of Christmas shopper you are

"The search, selection, purchase and delivery of the 'ideal gift' is the magical rite that each person fulfills according to their own reality. Christmas is one of the most important moments of the year, where everyone has a way of escape to get away from his problems, and a hectic and complex life. It is a moment of giving and receiving happiness, which is where the gift takes on great importance. The meaning of gift giving has become the centerpoint of Christmas, where the pleasure generated by the purchase process is increasingly relevant," says Mauricio Sánchez, a professor of Commercial Engineering at Pacific University.

Do you shop at the last minute for Christmas gifts or do you plan ahead for each loved one? An expert in consumer behavior explains three profiles outlined and gives indications for choosing the best present this Christmas. Undoubtedly, gifts are the protagonists of Christmas, at least for the smallest of the home and by trends observed in the market, where sales are at the highest levels of the year. Everyone is looking for the ideal gift for family, friends and co-workers.

"In general, it is not a compulsive purchase, since it is an annual event that we have very clear obligations to make and gifts are on our minds. Therefore, we are clear that we have to buy, what you have to decide is what to buy and for whom. Compulsion can be measured by the choice of gifts. The attitude will depend on each profile and what each one of us is looking for in such buying processes", explains the expert.

How and when do you shop for Christmas? The consumer behavior specialist at Pacific University assures that there are three profiles that can be easily distinguished and have a behavior that they maintain year after year:

  • Rational buyer: The person who plans their purchase, who has a list and acquires timely gifts and is in search of better prices. His profile is more rational and determines a budget for it and respects it, without regard to credit.
  • Last minute buyer: The person who buys without prior planning, in a disorderly manner and without setting a budget. To this profile the last minute purchase generates a special joy. Although he says he does not like crowds and last minute purchases, he enjoys those moments and, therefore, would not change his behavior.
  • Buyer by commitment: It is the one that says 'Christmas should not be consumerism', but he participates in this process with purchases of gifts to its closest friends, children and co-workers. It has something of both previous profiles, since it is rational, but last minute purchase by commitment.

Recommendations for choosing the ideal gift

"Getting a sense of the gift as the center of the celebration of Christmas is not enough; The important thing is the spiritual significance, family unity and emotions, rather than sensations," points out Mauricio Sánchez, professor of Commercial Engineering at Pacific University.

At this time of year, sale items and product launches are said to be the perfect gift for Christmas. The professor calls on us to think about the moment of giving the gift to the loved one, focusing on if they need it and if they will really like it, in addition to keeping in mind that the time spent with friends and family is the most valued of these dates.

"Consumerism is subject to what everyone wants to give and receive at this festive season, but you should always consider that the gift causes a pleasant sensation of the moment, but it is the special moment with your loved ones what generates an emotion and is what lasts in time," says the specialist.

Therefore, the expert from Pacific University mentions some practices that should be taken into consideration when buying the Christmas gift:

  • The ideal gift is one that serves the person to whom it is given, so you must be thinking of the person and with any special meaning. That is, you should avoid buying several identical gifts and giving them to everyone.
  • The ideal gift should be the one that generates joy when giving it to an important person, without the subsequent worry of having to pay later, that will bring sadness to the gift receiver.
  • The gift should be something that makes you special for the person you give to. Do not think only about products, also add to your list some special services.