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PDI Los Andes seizes drug valued at over seven billion pesos

Officers of the Antinarcotics Brigade Los Andes of the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI) detained a criminal organization made up of six Bolivian citizens and a Chilean citizen who were planning to transfer a ton of liquid cocaine and pressed cannabis to the cities of Santiago and Viña del Mar.

After a year of investigative work, the PDI was able to determine that the antisocials would bring the drugs over the border at the Colchane complex aboard high tonnage tractor trailers, to which they had attached oil tanks specially conditioned for the transport of the “alkaloid” in a diluted state, while the marijuana was hidden in vehicle transport ramps used for construction.

In this operation, called "Argon", civil police took out 552 kilos of cannabis and 596 of diluted cocaine, which could generate more than 5 million doses, valued at $7,239,700,000 (approximately US$10,750,000)  in addition to stopping the organization totally, in which the Chilean citizen acted as financier and facilitator of means of transport.