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PUCV wins operation of new Aconcagua Development Center

The Valparaiso Pontifical Catholic University was awarded the tender to take over the operation of the new Aconcagua Valley Business Development Center, which is expected to start operating in the area in March 2017.

The new Center is additional to those in Quillota, Valparaiso and San Antonio. Its objective: to increase productivity and sustainability of companies in search of an economic impact.The information was provided by the regional director of Sercotec, Victor Hugo Fernandez, explaining that the "Business Development Centers" seek to improve management skills of microentrepreneurs to increase sales, generate new jobs, access new sources of financing and find new markets, through mentoring and advice of the highest quality free of charge," he explained.

The BDCs are part of a medium and long term policy of the administration of President Michelle Bachelet and contemplates the implementation of 50 centers throughout Chile, with 4 of them in the fifth region.

The governor of the province of San Felipe, Eduardo Leon, stressed that with this step, real progress has been made in concreting the presidential commitment. The highest provincial authority said that "long ago, with the Chamber of Commerce when we wanted something like a Business Development Center, our entrepreneurs had to develop it, and meanwhile the PUCV comes along that has a reputed incubator called Chrysalis, so we hope in March to start with this program for economic development."

This commitment of President Michelle Bachelet's government program was entrusted to the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, and ratified in the Agenda for Productivity, Innovation and Growth that drives that Ministry. It was executed by the Technical Cooperation Service, Sercotec and its operation is based on a trinity, where the private sector, the public and the academic are united in a cooperative project. Its implementation is inspired by the successful Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) model of the United States.

The Business Development Center of the Aconcagua Valley will operate in facilities of the San Felipe Chamber of Commerce. Its president, Aquiles Delgado, praised the good news as "a fantastic and extraordinary news, I feel completely excited, and grateful ... my board wants the Aconcagua Valley to be a part of the world."

The Business Development Center of the Aconcagua Valley will join the existing centers in Valparaíso, Quillota and San Antonio.

The information was released at the closing ceremony of the Strengthening of the Workforce project, which was implemented by the San Felipe Chamber of Commerce, co-financed by Sercotec under the same name "Strengthening of the Workforce and Cooperative" for tourist development in the area.