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PDI arrests couple armed assailants in downtown Viña del Mar

Officers of the Brigade Investigating Sexual and Minor Offenses Valparaiso detained two people, a man and a woman, for the flagrant crime of a stickup and possession of a firearm, which occurred in the garden city.

While detectives passed along Viana Street, they noticed a noise similar to a gunshot in the environs of the Urban Space Mall and subsequently saw a couple running with a bag. Bystanders stated that the couple were had just committed robbery. Faced with this situation, officials identified themselves as PDI officers, beginning a persecution that ended with both being detained, despite resisting arrest.

According to records provided by the civil police, A.P.Y.S. (18) and C.E.P.M. (15) had taken goods from a victim who they threatened with a firearm, which was later found among the property of the accused.

The detainees and the background of this investigation were sent to the Viña del Mar Court of Guarantee.