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PDI Valparaiso upsets criminal gang dedicated to truck robbery

The Crime Investigation Brigade in Port Premises in Valparaíso recovered 150 million pesos in goods, corresponding to a trailer truck and its cargo, which were stolen by a criminal organization that perpetrated robberies on national roads, such as Routes 78, 68 and 5.

In this investigation carried out by the PDI, it was established that it was cleaning products that at the time of the robbery were being transported from a transportation hub in Colina, to the warehouses of a company located in Route 68, sector Lo Aguirre, from where they would be distributed to supermarkets in Santiago and Region V.

The defendants, individualized as R.E.V.P. (16), D.I.S.A. (17) and L.F.A.G. (18), were brought to justice, for the reception of stolen goods.