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Governor of Petorca participated in the presentation for a plan of large reservoirs

Hernán Quezada, Governor of Petorca arrived to the community of Quillota to participate in the presentation of the Plan for Large and Small reservoirs for the region of Valparaiso. The exhibition was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Furche and the Minister of Public Works, Alberto Undurraga, who made several announcements for the short and medium term, and to face the difficult situation of water scarcity.

Project of the Ministry of Public Works will be executed under a concession with an investment of 162 million dollars for Las Palmas and 154 million dollars for Los Angeles.According to the national authorities in the Valparaíso region, three reservoirs are planned, with two in the province of Petorca (Los Angeles and Las Palmas). The construction of these reservoirs will improve water availability and will also provide a substantive boost in agriculture for the rural sectors of the area.

The Governor of Petorca, Hernán Quezada, commented that it is a great challenge for the province, "We are very satisfied with the announcement made by the public works ministry, in terms of the fact what the three large reservoirs that this project entails, to the investment to be developed in the region, two correspond to the province of Petorca; Las Palmas and Los Angeles. It will benefit approximately 5,000 hectares with irrigation improvement and directly benefiting our farmers in the valleys of La Ligua and Petorca. Therefore, it gives us a hope of improving the agriculture that is developing in our valleys and therefore we will be very anxious of the terms of that development."

Minister of Agriculture Carlos Furche, who participated in the presentation of the plan together with the Regional Secretary Ricardo Astorga, valued the joint work being done between both ministries and especially the articulated work with the irrigators themselves, who are fundamental participants in the progress of this important initiative for the region: "We wanted to show the progress that this plan has had since it was implemented. The idea is to leave this advanced enough so that it will guarantee totally that in time the process of construction of these three reservoirs will start, which, once built, will change the face of agriculture in this region, which is one of the most productive and most valuable in Chilean agriculture. Once these three reservoirs are built we will surely multiply by several times that value that has nowaday, which is already very high, which will generate more employment, income and quality of life for thousands of people here in the Aconcagua Valley" said the top agricultural authority.