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Hundreds of Caleranos fill Municipal Hall to receive their new Mayor and council

The solemn ceremony saw an unprecedented attendance, replete the Municipal Hall with more than four hundred, who waited patiently for the entrance of the authorities that will guide the course of the Calera during the next four years.

"First of all, I want to thank God, my family and those who have trusted in the work project I am leading today." With those heartfelt words, the new mayor of La Calera, Trinidad Rojo, began her speech at the installation ceremony of the new Municipal Council.One by one, members of the new Municipal Council were admitted to the Hall, followed by new mayor Trinidad Rojo Agusto, who was received with thunderous applause from the crowd, among which were the members of her family, who were part of the ovation.


After the words of the Municipal Secretary, who read the minutes of appointment of the new authorities, Councilors Cinthy Miskulini Araya, John Silva Carrasco, Lautaro Correa Castillo, Karim Chahuán Cerna, Patricio Riveros Zepeda and Johnny Piraino Meneses, swore and promised to fulfill their duties.

Likewise, with a solemn, "yes, I swear", Mayor Trinidad Rojo, began her mandate as the head of the Caleran administration, the first woman to occupy that prestigious post after 172 years of history in the community.


Once the council session had concluded, the new municipal commander proceeded to deliver individual acknowledgments to the councilors who left the administration in the new session. She affectionately delivered these incentives to the former councilmen Marco Varas Leiva, for his four years Of service and to Ricardo Aliaga Gómez, having served uninterrupted sixteen years, as part of the body of councilmen.

Similarly, councilor Cinthy Miskulini received a recognition from the head of the community, as the sole representative of the feminine gender in this new session just begun.

Not only councilors received surprises in this emotional day, since the mayor was also surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that was delivered by her husband with a warm applause from the public in the background.

Firefighter Tribute

One of the most beloved and prestigious institutions in the city, the Firefighter Corps, did not want to be absent in this welcome to the new authorities and dressed with their rescue teams, dozens of volunteers, came to the municipal gardens in three pumper trucks, to render a solemn tribute to the mayor, who received them with great joy, thanking the beautiful gesture.

Subsequently all the attendees were invited to a cocktail party where they were able to greet each other personally and share with the new authorities, in a new showing of human spirit and closeness to the new municipal administration.