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PDI V Region eradicates 22 drug outlets close to schools

For two years, the PDI has implemented the Zero Tolerance Microtraffic Plan (MT-0) at the national level, a period in which 6,000 police procedures and the detention of almost 2,400 people, charged with the sale of small amounts of illegal substances.

The initiative, which coordinates and focuses efforts to prevent and prosecute the crime of trafficking at the neighborhood level, prioritizing and intervening in those areas with greater problems, has allowed the PDI to disrupt throughout Chile, 150 drug outlets that operate in the vicinity of educational establishments.

Regarding the V Region, the civil police dismantled 22 micro-trafficking points, 17 more than those eliminated during 2015, effectively responding to the demands of the community to improve a sense of security.

"The work carried out by our detectives, through 14 groups that investigate this type of crime in Greater Valparaiso, has a special methodology, since in school neighborhoods act organized criminal gangs and, generally, in full light of day, the main objective is to protect the integrity of the students," said deputy head of the Antinarcotic Brigade Valparaiso, deputy commissioner Héctor Güenante.

As reported by the police, up until last October, MT-Zero had detected 872 points, surpassing the 867 established during the previous year.