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About 800 Juan Fernandez citizens benefit from medical aid operation by the Navy and Acrux Foundation

On 8 and 9 December, a special medical operation was carried out in the archipelago of Juan Fernández, which allowed more than 800 people to benefit in this remote area of our territory.

The initiative sought to reduce the waiting list for health care in the archipelago with the support of cardiologists, children's psychiatrists and neurologists, among others.Specialists and supplies that were to be used had been transported by the OPV ship "Piloto pardo" of the Chilean Navy, which sailed from Valparaiso.

Frigate Captain Jose Ignacio Marfull, ship commander said that "we set sail from Valparaiso to Juan Fernández in order to support this medical operation carried out by our Institution in conjunction with ACRUX Foundation, on December 8 and 9. On board we moved 28 health specialists, as well as equipment and supplies so that this medical operation can be carried out for the benefit of the island community. "

Among the specialties that will participate in the operation are: cardiology, dermatology, otorrinos, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, children's psychiatrists, traumatologists, radiologists, urologists, neurologists, among others.

During those two days there were carried out examinations and consultations via telemedicine to senior citizens of the archipelago, with professionals from University of Chile's Clinical Hospital, which will allow many of them from having to travel to the continent for a consultation that is now offered to them for free.

The Executive Director of the ACRUX Foundation, Roberto Levín, said that this operation solves the need for the local population to have access to specialists and tests that allow the detection and diagnosis of pathologies that could rule out or require further surgery. "Here and throughout the country, the existence of waiting lists is due to the need for specialist consultations, screening and surgery. In this operation we resolve the first two stages and for that it has been necessary this joint effort Of the public and the private," he said.