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Penitentiary Complex Students receive glasses

Following an ophthalmological operation in which 18 of the inmates studying inside the Penitentiary Complex of Valparaíso presented visual problems, received this morning the Junaeb scholarship consisting of the delivery of glasses in order to encourage their stay in the School system and support their reintegration into society.

Justice and Human Rights Regional Secretary Paz Anastasiadis, along with Junaeb regional director Marcelo Góngora, delivered glasses to inmates studying in prison schools.Regional Secretary for Justice and Human Rights Paz Anastasiadis stressed that Junaeb is currently being part of the process of social reintegration that exists in all units of the region, and noted that "today we are delivering glasses that allow People to be able to read better, to be able to educate themselves better, to be able to look at life again and in this way create a new opportunity so that once inmates graduate from the prison unit they can make a change of life "

The regional director of Junaeb, Marcelo Góngora, commented that, "The delivery of lenses to the prison population that has decided to follow their studies to be able to concretise them, is an initiative that is generated in conjunction with Gendarmería and the Which has allowed us to deliver close to 100 glasses during the years that this initiative has been implemented, this is part of a program in which we have delivered school supplies, expert advice to be able to take the PSU. That these people are deprived of freedom does not imply the violation of one of the rights as important as learning, improving, educating them to progress into the future."

The scholarship given by JUNAEB also contemplates that the inmates be evaluated again by professionals within a year and, in case of changes, update the lenses.

The head of the Valparaiso Penitentiary Complex, Major Danilo Millón, said "Gendarmería through this penitentiary institution greatly appreciates the presence of the authorities, to better contribute to try to reintegrate the prison population through Of public education and that this is both quality. The fact that inmates can obtain these lenses while in detention, facilitates adult education and becomes a facilitator of their studies. I reiterate, immensely grateful, the intervention of the State, Regional Secretary for Justicia and Junaeb, who accompany us and have facilitated these activities. "

Flor, 61, was one of the women of the Women's Center who benefited. "Now I have glasses to read and to use permanently, to be able to study, because I am studying. I thank all those who made this effort so that I can have my own lenses. I have my eye surgery and I had to wear glasses, I got lost in the street and I did not have the chance to go to an optician's office ... now I have my glasses back," she said.