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Families from La Calera and La Cruz receive keys to their new homes

The most anticipated day for these families has arrived, so the holiday season will have a special flavor this time around. This, after 22 families from La Calera and La Cruz received keys to their homes belonging to the "Llanos de la Cruz" project, which is part of the program of Social Integration and Economic Reactivation (Supreme Decree 116).

The project belongs to one of the programs of the Government of President Bachelet, whose purpose is social integration and economic reactivation.The project has 98 houses in total, in which 20% of them are intended for families who received a grant from the Solidarity Fund program, but without being able to apply their benefit. Therefore, as a result of this, these families were located in this group where they received a definitive and materialized housing solution.

"Happy. At least I can not express how I feel. Happy. For almost 15 years fighting for our house and we had never been fulfilled and now the big day arrived as it was said," expressed Sandra Figueroa, leader of the Lautaro committee, who today received her home.

Within the characteristics of these 22 homes and the condominium, the properties are 50 square meters in size with green areas for recreation and a community equipment "Club House" for family reunions.

The Provincial Delegate of SERVIU Quillota, Johnny Piraino, said that "it is a very special day for the 22 families who were part of the committees Lautaro and Artificio, who have waited more than 14 years to have their dream of their own home, for which they had subsidies but could not apply. But today, with the effort of our housing policy implemented by our President Bachelet and our minister, we have been able to socialize the decree 116 that allows us to integrate families without discrimination, from the socio-economic point of view in inclusive neighborhoods."

The project considers a total of 98 homes that are intended for those who are subsidized by the MINVU, as well as for individuals."Ninety-eight homes represent a significant investment from a Presidential decree seeking private investment, economic recovery, employment and at the same time social integration for the family," said Quillota provincial Governor, Cesar Barra.

Finally, it is noteworthy that during the instance also the delivery of title deeds was carried out for the families who received their homes, which immediately transformed them into home owners.