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Keys to working well as a team

One of the secrets of companies that achieve their goals and have a good working environment is that they have excellent work teams, which not only means having remarkable individual elements, but also a valuable formula of teamwork .

With good teamwork you can achieve the goals proposed by the organization more quickly and effectively. "For an organization to work as a team, it is important for the company and its members to be clear about the values ​​declared in the vision of the company, that is, what it wants Project in the long term; The image of the organization. This will generate internal motivation and accompaniment in the achievement of the goals, so as to achieve as a team the clear objectives of the company and its own unit or production line, "says the academic coordinator of Commercial Engineering at the Universidad del Pacífico, René Rivera .

Being clear about the common mission is one of the foundations of teamwork, as well as creating and maintaining a good work environment, which will undoubtedly improve productivity and the consequent achievement of goals. "The organization must generate and enhance teamwork through the development of methodologies, in order to improve the performance of workers to achieve the objectives under a common or shared vision. Thus, companies reach the goals and achievements under a competition not only individual but group. In addition, creating and maintaining a good work environment contributes, without a doubt, to teamwork and the achievement of goals ", says the human resources specialist.

In fact, according to the recognized expert in organizational management, Guy Le Boterf, the operation of the organizational system requires the competence of each and every one of its components for the development of processes and interaction directed to the joint production of a result .

For the U. of the Pacific academic, René Rivera, an organization that encourages teamwork is closer to the achievement of the proposed goals. Therefore, it specifies the main demands of teamwork:

  • Adequate communication between the members of the team will allow reaching consensus and go in search of achieving the objectives.
  • The importance of planning. Through leadership, you have to define the action plan for teamwork.
  • Complementing functions in terms of thinking, educational level, experience, jobs, etc.
  • Maintain or distinguish the formal and structural relationship of the interpersonal and friendship relationship within the organization.
  • Leadership in the direction of the team. It is necessary that the leader orient and be legitimized by the team members.
  • Clarity in goals. Recognize that it is the basis on which effective teamwork is deployed.
  • Trust. Teamwork requires mutual trust to effectively carry out tasks that may require sharing confidential information, delegating tasks that require certain levels of knowledge and responsibility.
  • Commitment. This is achieved by encouraging team members to feel part of it.