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Eight ways to make your graduation party a success

It's the event of the year for young people saying goodbye to school forever. The graduation party is usually planned in advance by parents and not by a professional event planner, some serious mistakes can be avoided that will make the difference between a party that's a drag and a legendary party. So what should we pay special attention to so that everything goes well and without mishaps?

T'is the season to graduate and a specialist in event management and production provides key details to consider when organizing your party, how to avoid having a bad time and making sure that graduation is truly unforgettable."The graduation party should be the best ever as it's something that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. There is nothing more unpleasant than a bad graduation party and then come together 25 years later and remember that the bathroom was dirty or that the food was bad ", exemplifies the professor of Event Management and Production at Pacific University, Hernán Cavada.

In order to avoid a bad time and mishaps, three important elements must be considered: the place where it will be held, the safety conditions and risk prevention, and of course, the content and special events during the party. "There are also those who decide to include transportation, that is, renting a limo or a van so that parents will have the peace of mind that the teenager will return without bad news at the end," says the event producer.

Traditions won't get set aside. After having a great time at the party, it is still fashionable stepping out to the Central Market or the airport to have some consomme or breakfast at dawn. So, why is it done? "This has to do with good luck traditions, with the success that is expected for the future", explains the academic.

Hernán Cavada, professor of Event Management and Production at the University of the Pacific, has put together the eight most important points that everyone should be take into account when organizing a graduation party:

  • Checkroom: You absolutely have to have a reliable and well organized checkroom, so that no one loses their favourite jacket or other duds.
  • The Dance Floor: You must be really careful to clean the floor well, look for any loose nails, floor tiles, other little defects. Look, the girls are going to be wearing high heels, but after dinner, they'll kick those off to have a go at the Charleston, the Boogaloo or whatever it is that kids these days are shakin' to. Whatever you're moving to, it will be a major bummer if some shard of glass stuck in the floor winds up cutting some nice girl's big toe. It's not a good idea to go barefoot either, so forewarned is forearmed.
  • Bathrooms: Must be clean throughout the event. A filthy bathroom is something that occurs frequently in graduation parties, because the organizers forget that people have to pee. And make sure you have LOTS of toilet paper.
  • Music: It is so important to find a good band, trustworthy and entertaining. You're not going to hire Los Tres, OK? But make sure you know what they're going to play. Will it be Cumbia? Reggatón? After the band finishes you can follow up with a DJ, who also must be have proven well-tested playlist.
  • Permissions: It is very important to worry about municipal permits, the Cops and in some cases, intellectual property and copyrights. Do not forget that the music is paid. It can happen that the DJ equipment is confiscated because you didn't pay for the rights and now the party is over. This, of course varies according to the locale. In some places, you don't have to pay this fee.
  • Audiovisual show: Nowadays technological resources are very affordable. A data show or an LED display are relatively cheap to hire and the having a way to generate and display audiovisual content is a big bonus, since a video may be best way to remember than a yearbook was for past generations.
  • Food: In Chile traditionally food has been an essential, and there are always traditional items that are served all the time at the prom. But today we are more exquisite, more knowledgeable because the trend today is for diners to be sophisticated and well versed in the latest finger foods. But beware! For example, some of the graduates may be vegetarians or vegans. Nor should we forget about those who are allergic, which makes it necessary to order alternative menus for the banquet. Nowadays meat is yielding its podium to turkey or chicken or even sushi at graduation celebrations. Watch for sanitary conditions whatever it may be.
Dessert is usually one of the most important dishes, so it is recommended to have several options. And something that may seem obvious: prefer to do business with known caterers, who have health permit and the necessary equipment to ensure that on the one hand, refrigeration is taken care of, and secondly, that the hot food is served really hot. Nothing worse than ending the party with a group of people barfing.
  • Alcohol: Parents must first discuss whether to allow or not to have alcohol at the party and, if so, determine how they will let the partiers behave with respect to drinking. If they are going to allow it, it can be delivered in a regulatedd way, such as a glass of champagne. Of course, if there are people underaged according to the drinking age, alcohol is a NO-NO!