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What you have to know if you give skates at Christmas

For this Christmas many boys and girls are already clear what they want as a gift. The Disney television series "Soy Luna" is a hit among the youngest of the home and that's why the most appealing gift is the four-wheelers used by the protagonist and her friends. For girls there are striking designs in fuchsia, white, lilac, yellow, black and gold, while for men there are blue, black and red, among others.

With the Disney series boom "I'm Luna," skates will be the most requested gift this Christmas. Know the precautions you should take when buying some for the little ones in the home. If you are already thinking about giving skates this Christmas, there are certain precautions that you should take into account. Although the television series is a must for children of all ages, the truth is that skates are not suitable for everyone.

"It all depends on the physical maturity of the child. It is recommended that the use of skates should begin once the child has reached the maturity of the psychomotor milestone of gait, which occurs after age 6, which is the age where the child has developed a greater ability to coordinate and balance . It is recommended to avoid the use of skates in younger children because of the risk of falls, knocks and choking on small parts of the bearings," says Andrea Lobos, a kinesiologist and race leader for Universidad de PacĂ­fico Superior Sports.

Walking on skates requires the ability to balance, so it is always advisable to have an adequate implementation that protects the child from painful falls. "Wounds such as skin lesions (rubs and blisters, among others) can result from the rubbing of the boot. And abrasive wounds can also appear as rasmilladuras product of the falls, which are given mainly in elbows, knees and hands. In addition, you can suffer blows to the head. All these injuries can be prevented using the appropriate safety implementation such as helmet, knee pads and elbows," says the specialist.

So, to avoid serious falls and injuries, you must choose well the socks and the size of the skateboard to be used. "The ideal thing is that the boot is appropriate to the size of the foot, so it is recommended to use a size larger than the footwear and never without socks. The sock must be cotton and long so that it covers ankle and foot, avoiding injuries or injuries to the skin from the rubbing. Ideally, it is recommended to check the wheels of the skates are in good condition," says Lobos.

In the case of very young children or who have not had previous contact with the skates, the teacher recommends to prefer the four-wheel model. "The difference between a four-wheel skate and inline lies in the objective and technique that should be used in each type. In relation to safety, it is recommended to start small children with 4-wheel skates, as it increases the base of support, which favors balance and decreases the risk of falls. In addition, it is suggested to carry out the activity with supervision of an adult and always using safety equipment," stresses Andrea Lobos, University of the Pacific's Senior Sports Technician career leader.